Andrew David Wong:
> A strange networking problem just started in the past day or so:
> Every few hours, around 2/3 of my VMs will suddenly lose network
> access. I can still ping websites from sys-net and sys-firewall,
> and some VMs still have normal network access, even though all of
> them are using the same sys-firewall. (Other devices on my LAN are
> also fine.)
> The weird part is, if I create a new, additional "sys-firewall1"
> ProxyVM and switch over one of the non-working VMs to it
> *without restarting* the non-working VM, network access gets
> successfully restored. So, the problem must be in sys-firewall
> or the AppVMs, I think.
> I've tried basing sys-firewall on fedora-24 and fedora-24-minimal
> with the same results. Also double-checked NetVM assignments
> and firewall rules, of course.
> Any ideas for logs or tools I should check to find out what's
> failing, or where it's failing?
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> I can't imagine what caused this problem to suddenly start,
> except maybe a dom0 or template update, so here are the packages
> I've updated in dom0 recently as part of normal qubes-dom0-update:
> libsndfile
> sudo
> bind99-libs
> bind99-license
> ghostscript-core
> hswdata
> perf
> ntfs-3g
> ntfsprogs
> perl
> perl-libs
> perl-macros
> And here are the packages I've updated in my fedora-24 template
> (again, as normal updates):
> libicu
> libidn2
> gnome-abrt
> gnome-software
> libdmapsharing
> libmetalink
> lz4
> lz4-r131
> rpm
> rpm-build-libs
> rpm-libs
> rpm-plugin-selinux
> rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit
> rpm-python
> rpm-python3
> Any ideas?
I had networking issues after downloading Fedora 24. I've ditched that
and gone back to Fedora 23 - all is well again >

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