>Commercial editions of Qubes OS will be customized to meet special corporate
>requirements. For example, two features that might be particularly attractive 
>corporate customers are (1) "locking down" dom0 in order to separate the user
>and administrator roles and (2) integrating our local management stack with a
>corporation's remote management infrastructure. These are both examples of
>features that our developers are capable of implementing now, on Qubes 3.2.

>We plan to partner with one to three corporate clients in order to run a pilot
>program throughout the first half of 2017.  After it has been successfully
>completed, we'll then widen our offer to more corporate customers and,
>ultimately, to small business customers. Our main constraint is the scalability
>required to cover each additional client. Hence, we plan to focus on larger
>customers first. 

Does this mean that Qubes will somehow become networkable or will it still only 
be for a single device?

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