Should I just download memmek's qubes-build? Or the normal one aswell? Or just 
the normal one? 

Could someone give me a detailed explanation how I should build the most recent 
R4.0 iso, with the most up to date dom0 and vm builds? 

R4 Will be fedora-23 based for dom0 right? Will I be able to use this build for 
day to day working in its current state? Or is it still too early?

I would also like to know what choices have been made regarding pvhvm or 
hvmlite as the main virtualization architecture? 

Is the fedora build the most complete? Or would debian have any benefits over 

What parameters should I pick? Version r4.0.0, with dev. Testing or something ? 
What about unstable vs security-testing? 

Hope someone can explain how I can build myself a good r4.0 iso.

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