Hi Rusty Bird, and thanks for your help,

Please see below.

> Is the SINIT module working? Run the "find" command from step 2b of
> /usr/share/doc/anti-evil-maid/README, but look at the lines for PCRs
> 17, 18, and 19 instead: They should have very random-looking values.

Uh... Lines 17-19 are all FF

On my system :

PCR-00 to 07    look random
PCR-08 to 12    are all 00
PCR-13          looks random
PCR-14 to 16    are all 00
PCR-17 to 22    are all FF
PCR-23          are all 00

So the problem seems to be there... But I don't know what to do with
this (I know almost nothing about TPM...)

> Is AEM sealing to the right registers? If you run the command
> "source /etc/anti-evil-maid.conf; echo $SEAL" in dom0, it should print
> "--pcr 13 --pcr 17 --pcr 18 --pcr 19".

This is OK.

> Did the unsealed image somehow end up in the wrong place? The file
> /usr/share/plymouth/themes/qubes-dark/antievilmaid_secret.png should
> *not* exist in dom0.

This is OK as well.

Thanks again for your help.


Swâmi Petaramesh <sw...@petaramesh.org> PGP 9076E32E

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