Context for said subject:
task : automation
src vm : work
target vm : win7-64
operation : file-copy
File-Copy src    : /home/user/files
File-Copy target : /user/Documents/QubesIncoming/win7-64

the 2 vm's mentioned above are connected to different firewalls.
hence, there are 2 isolated networks.

work vm fetches *.* into the files folder using a python-script-1. the same 
script further issues qvm-copy-to-vm command on every file fetched to win7-64 

inside win7-64 vm another python-script-2 resides. it processes the received 

      While python-script-1 dumps files, if python-script-2 accesses the 
File-Copy target, then python-script-1 in work vm starts displaying "connect: 
connection refused."

How to interpret whats wrong?
Is it that the qrexec-agent lost the handle to directory?
There was a race-condition?
Virtual channel closed? if yes, why?

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