I’m trying to get presenter mode working in a Windows 7 HVM. According to this, 
 it might be possible to virtually attach a second screen to a Windows 7 HVM 
with the Qubes Windows Tools installed.

I’m trying to copy his approach but ran into problems. First of all, after 
installing the Windows Tools, my Windows 7 HVM always seems to “full screen” 
itself in a maximized window. Is there a way to resize that window after the 
tools are installed? Second, when following his approach, the second screen 
seems to be there but cannot be seen. And, to my horror, starting the Windows 7 
HVM suggests that the cannot-be-seen second screen has become the primary 
output of that Windows 7 HVM. :-(  I had to restart the HVM in safe mode and 
disable the “Standard VGA Graphics Adapter” to get things normal again.

Could this nevertheless work? 


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