On Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 12:56:11 AM UTC+1, Andrew David Wong wrote:
> Unfortunately, the financial necessity of shifting our priorities to 
> commercial
> clients will mean that we have less time to work on features that benefit the
> wider, security-minded open source community, which has been our focus for the
> past seven years.  This deeply saddens us. (We all use Qubes on our personal
> computers too!) However, the reality is that ITL can't afford to sustain the
> open source development of Qubes for much longer. We're running out of time.
> In an attempt to keep the open source development of Qubes going, we've teamed
> up with Open Collective [07], which makes it easier to donate to the Qubes
> project.  Now, in addition to our Bitcoin fund [08], we can also accept
> donations via credit card. ITL will not benefit from of any of the money 
> donated
> through Open Collective. Instead, the funds will be paid directly to 
> individual
> developers who have been hired to work on the open source edition of Qubes.

I'm excited about this, and wish to support Qubes.
My first thoughts are "How can Qubes reach a broader community", and "Can the 
HOWTO's be made more approachable?".
For example, the section 'assigning-devices' on the /doc/, didn't get into how 
to actually use a mouse with a sys-usb qube, before at the very end.
And there, the way it was written gave the impression of giving the answer 
almost as an afterthought, as if it should have been obvious to everybody.
As such, it reads as it was written by somebody "too close to the problem".
Somebody being so familiar with the system that outsiders' inability to grasp 
the "obvious", escapes him. Or her.
This is not a unique issue for ITL though, the same problem pops up everywhere 
when highly technical minded people try to convey something to people who just 
wants to be *users*!

So that's what I'm thinking, maybe it would be good for the "evangelization" of 
Qubes to make some very simple, brief, and to-the-point videos and howto's?


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