my earlier post seems to have gotten lost somewhere, so here again, in more 
I've got an Asus Transformer 3 Pro and installed Qubes 3.2 on it.

It works surprisingly well. Network, USB, display, touchscreen, keyboard and 
touchpad are working right away.

It's troublesome the tablet has no Ethernet and only one USB controller, which 
means I cannot simply use a USB-Ethernet device.

I haven't tried bluetooth yet.

I've also got the Thunderbolt docking station, which contains a HDMI and VGA 
port, Ethernet, two USB 3 and one USB-C Ports, a SD card reader and audio ports 
It also charges the tablet while leaving a USB-C port available.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to use the docks USB controller inside a 
VM. I can attach the controller, but the devices (like the integrated ethernet 
or external USB devices) never show up in the VM. I'll post some logs showing 
this later.

So far the short report on the Transformer 3.

Kind regards,

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