On Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 8:07:58 AM UTC-5, Ray Brainer wrote:
> This is my first week of usage and impressions about the Qubes.
> The idea of isolation seemed wonderful before using it.
> Now I find very unhandy what I deal with in Qubes.
> 1) No way of desktop sharing, though I need it very much. I read some ideas 
> on the point here  
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/qubes-users/-JEfgOF-TaI/kIU_JCmUCAAJ
> It sounds almost impossible. I use Zoom and Viber to share screen. Have no 
> idea of screen forwarding to a VM.
> 2) Cross-clipboard operations don't work by any means. Cross-usage of 
> applications, user-generated shortcuts to apps - everything seems a problem.
> 3) Appear empty windows I've never seen before in usual apps like Skype, 
> qbittorrent, VLC etc.
> 4) No free space for software and libraries. There is a huge risk of loosing 
> data when resizing images. I lost it twice, though I repeated every step from 
> the guide.
> 5) Templates are based on pretty specific distros like Fedora and Debian. It 
> takes time for Arch and Windows templates to create.
> 6) It is not very easy to direct webcam on a particular VM.
> Again, the idea is excellent. If there is a way to save my time on points 1-3 
> I would be thankful.

I don't know anything about screen sharing.  But what do you mean cross 
clipboard operations don't work? 
cross usage applications sounds like defeats purpose of isolation but I might 
be misunderstanding you. 

I've never seen empty windows appearing in vlc.  weird.

In KDE it was much easier to make shortcuts to launch specific apps right in 
the menu.  XFCE unfortunately does not make this easy anymore.  You actually 
have to edit a cfg file to do it, but its possible.

I never lost any data increasing a vm size.

I do have a win7 vm, and it was indeed little tricky to install. Took me two 
tries to get windows tools working.    but Linux is linux to me though.  I use 
debian as well as fedora simply for packages available in debian not in fedora. 
 But those two distros pretty much have everything covered for me in linux 
world and imo and are the two best regarding general security.  Arch was always 
my distro of choice for traditional vms cause its very minimal by default,  but 
I have no need for it in qubes.

Yes you can only direct webcam to appvm with terminal command for now.  I'm 
sure they will include a way in qubes-manager eventually.

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