On 12/03/2016 04:07 PM, Ray Brainer wrote:
1) No way of desktop sharing, though I need it very much. I read some ideas on 
the point here  
It sounds almost impossible. I use Zoom and Viber to share screen. Have no idea 
of screen forwarding to a VM.

Maybe HMV can help, not regular AppVM :)

2) Cross-clipboard operations don't work by any means. Cross-usage of 
applications, user-generated shortcuts to apps - everything seems a problem.
On Windows I have the same problem :) Copy&past not work every time. After I migrate to Q, then it works perfectly

5) Templates are based on pretty specific distros like Fedora and Debian. It 
takes time for Arch and Windows templates to create.
First, What I do after migration to Q was setup of Windows HVM. After playing with Qubes and Windows... I does not start Windows, because I found all application at Fedora which replace the need to start Windows. Now, I start it one-two times a week for the specific problems only.

Again, the idea is excellent. If there is a way to save my time on points 1-3 I 
would be thankful.
Continue learning the system...


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