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> On Sat, Dec 03, 2016 at 05:22:05PM -0000, ferd...@sigaint.org wrote:
>> Hi
>> Each time that I create a new appVM based on whonix-ws, the appVM shows
>> a
>> message "Error starting VM: Cannot start qubes-guid!", after 30 seconds
>> the message leaves and all works normally. This doesn't appear with new
>> appVM based on fedora or debian.
>> Is it anything that can be considered normal?
> Do applications in such Whonix AppVMs work anyway? How do you start the
> VM - from the menu, or "start" button from Qubes Manager?
> Is it fresh install, or upgraded from previous Qubes release?
> Also, take a look at guid log - it's in /var/log/qubes/guid.VMNAME.log
> (replace VMNAME with actual VM name) - also accessible from Qubes
> Manager - right click on the VM).
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> Best Regards,
> Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
> Invisible Things Lab
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> Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
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> Kvp8oplQWdN9FQqe4n0oC/BL5gUFoJJjZ/U8LpD9eAfUrq1urODLj/xWW8tZilg4
> G8sG2dU7QpprAWHAbXil4kpsYVrSgyfXjdVLbts7wafBCIgMtnfAPQhzeKm36yZ7
> fSjoLP9ICGjXBaR0QfU8eTLlltAKcx2ewQgszbk46bIgy8vnoeKtFiAbUyc8YwN2
> nbuS0jCR2rII3tbEY2y8rybenka11gmG0DhmDnrNWdUbFo2NGxoDmxAeONl12Uw=
> =jb4m
Application in VM works anyway, this message appears only from the first
start of the appVM created
Start VM from Qubes Manager
I reinstalled whonix-ws

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