On Sun, Dec 4, 2016 at 11:27 AM, Vít Šesták
> Alternatively, you can forward USB to Windows using usbip. Again, you need 
> iptables rules. I did this in older Qubes version with Linux machines, but it 
> should work the same with Windows.
> Security concerns when using usbip this way:
> * You trust the VMs where the network goes through (usually sys-firewall).
> * The host VM could be attacked if USBIP is vulnerable.
> * The guest VM could be attacked if USBIP is vulnerable. I am not sure how 
> much is the guest software maintained, since the last release is about 5Y ago.
> * Other general threats related to USB (BadUSB, USB sniffing etc.)

Note that the new qvm-usb functionality is built using USBIP, just
over qrexec rather than IP, so you may or may not be meaningfully
increasing what you already trust by using it here.


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