W dniu piątek, 9 grudnia 2016 09:11:39 UTC+1 użytkownik Zbigniew Łukasiak 
> Two more surprises from me:
> 1. I have USB headphones. So fare I have not yet found a way to make
> them work under Qubes - but I found some headphones with the old audio
> jack - and this works.
> 2. Once I detached an USB memory device from a VM, before unmounting
> the device inside the VM. Then I could not unmount it anymore and I
> rebooted the VM. Maybe detaching should check if the device is used?
> Cheers,
> Z.

1. Create a sys-usb qube
2. use qvm-usb tool in dom0 terminal to list available USB devices
3. note down the address of the USB headphones (one digit followed by two 
digits like this 1:23)
4. use qvm-usb -a vmname usbaddress
5. To detach use qvm-usb -d usbaddress

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