Hi Andrew,

Le 2016-12-11 21:45, Andrew David Wong a écrit :
- Usually I update all the templates and Dom0 simultaneously: I right
click on the AppVM template and click `Update VM', I do this for each
AppVM in a row (without waiting for the update of the previous AppVM to
terminate) and finally for Dom0 (since it locks access to the Qubes VM
Manager during the while Dom0 update process, which is the longest, see

When you say "AppVM," do you actually mean TemplateVM? There should
normally be no reason to update AppVMs.

Yes sorry, that's indeed what I mean, I do this for each TemplateVM and not AppVM (usually when I update most AppVM are shut down).

- I have the impression that Dom0 updates are downloaded twice, most
probably an issue around the proxy feature (there is no such issue with
the templates, updating Dom0 takes twice as much time as updating the

Hm, that would be odd. The normal dom0 update process is for the updates to b downloaded by the UpdateVM (default sys-firewall), then transferred to dom0, where the signatures are checked, and the updates are installed.
This might have the appearance of the updates being downloaded twice,
but they're really only downloaded once.

Well, this morning again there was a new ghost update : I launched Dom0 update, it was processing for 14 minutes and downloading about half of the time, before finally concluding that there is actually no update available. Odd and suboptimal indeed...

While trying to investigate a bit further, I stumbled on this interesting "property" of Fedora which randomly selects a "nearby" source to download the update. There was indeed updates currently available for both my Debian and Fedora packages:

- Debian update took less than a minute,
- Fedora is still ongoing, with a download speed hardly reaching 80 KB/s.

I think I know understand why updating Dom0 seems so slow, thank you Fedora for allowing even the crappiest server to act as an update source as long as it is among the closest ones geographically speaking :( ...

I already stumbled on this before and had to cancel an update and try later in order to update my Fedora template due to such poor performance and an estimated time of completion counted in hours. A few time later, a decent server offering a download speed counted in MB instead of KB and the update was done in less than a minute too.

If I have some time, maybe I should try to find the culprit(s) and blacklist it/them somehow. By the way I'm a bit surprised to see the /var/log/tinyproxy to remain empty even after all those tests.

And to end-up on a more positive note I find it great that the template VM now shut down themselves automatically once the update is done :) !

Have a nice day,

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