where can I find this event log?   I know fedora uses smartctl  not sure what 
hddtemp is.  it works now when i type it in dom0 terminal.  hdd is only 33C.   
smartctl -a shows same thing.  I have had hdd die or dying and seen 120-130C  
immediate rma at that temp.

I wonder if my pc was hot at the time.  I kind of felt it was hot and i was 
running windows and suffocating in my room...   so i ran to turn on the ac as 
the fan started blaring on a reboot to bios passwd lol.  so I'm thinking 
something to that actually and would like to find this programs logs.  Thanks.

I suspect i have had something wrong this bios on this machine for some time.  
This only happens after running baremetal windows,  and because I installed a 
bootleg game years ago lol.  Or probably the something making the mobo itself 
hot that doesn't register temperature to the os.  definitely affects the cpu 
too.  I'll clean out the dust. order some good silver paste.

I might be crazy but I think alot of viruses don't do nothing if you just 
simply keep a cpu monitor etc on all the time. haha

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