> I do not believe that developing a commercial operating system based 
on an
    > open source foundation will pay off on a long run.

    Is there a specific reason you think it will not? Just curious. 

1. Selling a license provides a one time payment. Even if you are able to 
sell 100_000 licenses for 40 you would earn
4_000_000, but the same companies will not buy a license the year after 
that. Which means no constant income for the long run.

Most companies will stick with one version of the product till they really 
have a reason to upgrade.
Because, the costs for upgrading are actually higher than the costs of the 
license and upgrades involve the risk of causing
disruption (problems during the upgrade, which blocks employees from 
getting their work done. Which again means I loose money).
With other words Qubes OS will be stuck with one version for years.

2. The simple question is how can you sell a product which contains mostly 
GPL licensed code (Xen, Linux Kernel)
which everybody can download and compile for free?

RHEL sells support subscriptions. They offer support (10 years backporting, 
customer support etc.) and most important they offer a platform for other 
business software.
The work RedHat constantly invests in their RHEL can not be easily 
replicated and that is the reason why CentOS is not a competitor.

3. Security is a process and not a product. As an enterprise customer I 
want to have constant updates and upgrades, security bulletins and other 
security information.
I want to know if DirtyCOW, hardbleed or other security flaws affect my 
business if I use Qubes OS or not?

Furthermore, I believe that the Qubes OS team and ITL does not understand 
what Qubes OS could offer on an enterprise level.

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