16. Dec 2016 05:58 by a...@qubes-os.org:

> I recommend disabling your key's passphrase (i.e., using a blank
> passphrase).


This is disappointing to hear.    Removing the password sounds like a kludge 
than a fix to something that had been working okay.

I understand the model does not technically need a password but it is something 
I want (rightly or rongly) and it was working okay since R3.0 which to me 
indicates that it can work and just something broke.

> The reasoning can be found throughout the document (search for
> "passphrase").

I do and see that it is optional which should mean it works. From the page you 

> > "Therefore,using a passphrase at all should be considered optional."

If it is not supposed to work  or is not supported it should be said  "do not 
use passphrase with key" instead of saying "is optional" as this lead people to 
understand that while not needed it works.

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