Hello Leeteqxv,

if I understood you correct, what your clientele want's to have is constant 
improvements for Qubes OS. They don't want to compile or test things. 

This is a subscription based model, where people pay the Qubes OS team for 
their ongoing work rather than for an existing product.

Furthermore, I agree with you "memberships-based support services (premium
communities) is a good business model for" Qubes OS.

However, I think that testing new features and introducing new features can be 
done together with the open source community and Qubes OS could offer a LTS 
version for money. LTS version could focus on guaranteeing backports and fixes 
for specific LTS version over a period of 3 or more years, whereas the 
community support will only be offered for a year or till the next version of 
Qubes OS appears.

I think the Qubes OS team should focus on getting paid for their ongoing work 
rather than Qubes OS as a product and the only way to do this is to offer 
monthly or yearly subscriptions for customers and additionally support 
memberships for IT professionals (consultants, IT departments etc.).

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