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On 2016-12-19 16:29, Mike Mez wrote:
> Wow! I wasn't actually expecting my "dream" scenario to be so 
> possibly ... probably ... maybe in fact viable. I understand that 
> since the main focus in Qubes early stages (or perhaps it's far 
> more proper to say at whole,) is security that this is what your 
> main marketing point would be. Yet with the "windows integration", 
> if I understand this properly, is a big deal. I mean shoot, the 
> only reason (the only reason?) people use windows now a days is
> its entrenched ubiquitous nature. Shoot, as mentioned the only
> reason I use(d) it is because that is what the programs I use...
> use. So the ability to co-op that... am I over thinking this? It
> just sounds cool to me.
> "It depends highly on the individual, but if you're coming from a 
> purely Windows background, the biggest thing might be adjusting to 
> a Linux environment. In general, the most important qualities will 
> be perseverance, a willingness to learn, and the ability to solve 
> your own problems. (Of course, the mailing lists are here to help, 
> but things generally don't work very well if someone makes no 
> effort and expects to be spoon-fed solutions.)"
> Alot of this IT stuff is admittedly over my head currently, and
> I'm glad the Qubes Team are working towards a better user
> experience (as mentioned in the interview). I'm just smart enough
> to know how dumb I am, you see, as this sort of thing is not
> particularly the world I come from (Design, Print, Games,
> Artsy...whatever). Overall, the willingness to learn is a given,
> that doesn't help me much - I'm HERE! I'm looking for a direction
> for my amateur mind to move on. What I am curious about is what
> would be required to problem solve. Since Qubes is based on linux,
> does that mean I could experience problems just as in any other
> form of linux, and there for I could get a book, and gather
> information that way. OR. Qubes is so customized that it has its
> own things about it, and therefor Qubes documentation is the go to
> to figure out what is going on. I'm trying to figure out my next
> move here, as Qubes isn't the only alternative OS I've been looking
> in to, and some of the Distros I've looked at have very through and
> beginner friendly documentation. The catch being I would have to
> set up and figure out how to implement a VM, most likely KVM, and
> do all the things I want to do with that. Furthermore I'm basically
> dabbling in theory right now, trying to figure out if I should go
> all in or if it would just be easier to bite the bullet, Baremetal
> Windows 10, and just air gap all the things.
> I know its not going to be easy, I knew that when I decided to
> look into feasibility. I know nothing and I'm trying to figure out
> what mountain to choose and the equipment I need for the climb as
> the way I see it I'm pretty much on my own once I start. The
> potential right now looks the best with Qubes. Amazing potential.
> I'm very hopeful I can figure this out and make it work, The
> OpenGL virtualization thing I'm really going to need to wrap my
> head around for example.
> Yet now I'm starting to ramble, so I'll leave it at that for now.
> Thank you for your time and efforts,
> - Mike Mez

Hi again Mike,

(I've CCed the qubes-users mailing list again. Please keep it CCed if
you reply further.)

I understand your position. At this point, I think you should read,
learn, and try (i.e., download, install, and use) as much as you can
about your viable options to figure out which solution is right for you.

While there is a fair amount of code and functionality that is unique
to Qubes, knowledge of Linux and Xen would still be very helpful.
Really, though, if you just want to try Qubes out, it shouldn't be
necessary to learn Linux or Xen at all. If you run into any problems,
some basic familiarity with the command-line will help, though.

Fair warning, though: If you do decide to go with Qubes and attempt to
do DIY GPU passthrough, that's likely to be *much* more challenging
from a technical perspective (though generous users have provided
detailed guides on this list already). You should also be aware that
it inherently comes with significant security trade-offs.


- -- 
Andrew David Wong (Axon)
Community Manager, Qubes OS


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