I have long wondered when the various Linux communities will finally be able to co-operate and make a common solution for having the system fix Grub by itself through a GUI that newcomers have a chance of using without technical knowledge.

Something like a simple menu with "fix Grub" options like "Update the menu with entries for all the found operating systems."

See the examples below, they all seem to be of the kind that a system function should be able to provide now in 2016.

Is this a good moment in history for Qubes to reach out to the other Linuxes and ask for a collaboration to fix this once and for all? It would remove a huge barrier for loads of people wanting to explore the options of getting away from Windows.

I know this defeats the purpose of the SECURITY aspect of Qubes, but bear with me a moment:

This is for EVALUATION purposes, for the time where a normal user that runs Windows or the like already without much protection. It is only to provide a testing ground. After a while, the users will familiarize themselves with Qubes and for sure get to understand the Security implications communiacated by the Qubes community and docs. Then, when each user gets ready, it becomes possible to let Qubes take over the whole system and have some serious security.

But that is not the point at all during evaluation.

I think we would benefit from lowering the barrier here, to reach critical mass, which could help finance further developments, etc. etc...



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"Last night I was able to install Linux Mint beside the other operating systems. It is not that I wanted to use Mint, it is just that by installing it it redid the GRUB file so now I can boot to Windows 7 or Qubes (or Mint). So that solves the first problem."

"Also, I just realized that I may have the same problem again when I reinstall Qubes; I don't want it to change the GRUB file so that again I can only go into Qubes and not Windows 7. I guess I will have to study this page [https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/multiboot/] to try to not have that problem repeat."

"To triple boot mint, qubes and win 7 with the mint grub. edit the /etc/grub.d/40_custom file in mint. append in there everything between the xen sections of the grub.config file located on the qubes boot partition. Then update grub on mint and reboot and qubes should boot from menu. You will have to do this everytime qubes updates kernel or it errors again."

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