I've installed Qubes before, but never had this amount of trouble. I've been 
battling with it for the past two days and cannot get it to work, so I'm 
unfortunately having to bother some of you for help.

## What I've tried so far:
- vanilla Qubes 3.1 install
- vanilla Qubes 3.2 install
- Followed all instructions in Qubes UEFI troubleshooting => installs, no boot
- Installing Lubuntu 16.10 => doesn't work either: installer crashes with 
grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install
- fresh installs with various combinations of the following BIOS settings (UEFI 
only, UEFI + CMS, legacy first, legacy only, secure boot, hyperthreading
- creating own EFI partition, then install => still same issue
- updating the BIOS => no change

## Computer characteristics
- Thinkpad p50
- nvme drive
- 64gb RAM
- originally win10. Now gone, and trying to install Qubes as only OS.
- BIOS version 1.35

I don't know what's wrong, but the Lubuntu installation error and the fact that 
I never get to see Grub either when installing Qubes, points me in that 
direction. What I'm trying to achieve now involves using a LiveCD to check 
whether/where GRUB was installed and what the config looks like, but I'm in 
uncharted territory for me. Any thoughts? other ideas? 

Please, note that while I've been tinkering with computers for a while, I have 
no formal education and my knowledge is merely user level. I will definitely 
help and provide logs and other details if possible, but I may need 
instructions on how to obtain them. Thanks for the help!

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