Hi Andrew,

That is great, I am getting further.  I now know to investigate the Fedora text 
based installer (Anaconda).
I would be happy to try and report back on the Fedora bare metal install, as my 
laptop is new and has nothing on it yet (hopefully Qubes soon).
Do you happen to know what version of Fedora is used for Qubes 3.2?  - as I 
have successfully installed Fedora 25 Workstation (which is the latest), but I 
am guessing Qubes uses an older build.

Ideally, I would like to install Qubes-OS latest version (not sure when v4 will 
be released).
Pretty sure the reason why my laptop is having installation issues, is that it 
has an Nvidia GPU and until the installation is successful, I can then try to 
install the Nvidia drivers onto Dom0.

The guide does not say much at all about the installation (unless the GUI 
installation asks no questions and just works).  All I am saying is it looks 
like the installation can be hit or miss, so I am surprised that there is not a 
guide for those more complex installs, as opposed to the easiest install, where 
there are no issues anyway.
I will be happy to assist in getting a basic guide written, once I can get 
Qubes installed.  - This can then get fleshed out with further input from 

Previously to this post, I was just Googling for clues to help me install 
Qubes, however, I am now subscribed to this "Qubes-Users" group and I can now 
see that there is a lot of activity.  Although, my initial comment regarding 
development was more regarding the installation side of the OS.  As it does (to 
me) appear to be lacking, compared to other Distro's slick installation.  I am 
guessing this is more to do with the incorporation of strict security and the 
inclusion of Xen.

I will now look into disabling the LUKS section of the Fedora install.

Thanks for your reply,


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