> > Just one thing : I want to use my backed up "debian-8" TemplateVM, how can 
> > I replace the original "debian-8" ? I'm not able to delete it and as long 
> > as its there I won't be able to retore my backed up "debian-8" Template VM.
> Command line version of restore tool (qvm-backup-restore) allow you to
> rename conflicting VMs (--rename-conflicting). The template will be
> restored under different name (with "1" at the end), then you can switch
> your VMs to that template. And after you switch all the VMs, you can
> remove old template, and possibly rename the restored one back to
> debian-8.

I was able to restore all VMs with this command :

"qvm-backup-restore -d sys-net --rename-conflicting /run/media/user/New\ 

so now my (backed up) "debian-8" is "debian-81".  It had been updated.

some AppVMs start properly, others doesn't : with this error message :

"Error starting VM: Requested operation is not valid: PCI device 0000:00:19:.0 
is in use by driver xenlight, domain sys-net"

Is there something to do to access those VMs ?

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