On a test laptop I have a problem with the network hardware. It is an old one, and I know that this is a case of almost-broken hardware, so not really a Qubes problem.

If I restart the Sys-net, then it works again, so no need for a full restart of the laptop. However, I wonder if there is a way to get around the real annoyance in this case:

a) I cannot restart Sys-net as long as sys-Firewall is running, and..:
b) I cannot restart/stop sys-Firewall as long as there are ANY AppVMs using it, so:
c)  do I REALLY have to shut down all programs and all VMs just to do this?

If I have to, can I at least be automated somehow?

*I wish there was a magical menu entry that could do this:*
- "Enforce restarting sys-net/sys-Firewall and temporarily take down any open VM that are blocking the restart, and then subsequently start them all again afterwards WITH all the software that was running inside each one too..."

(Or is there another, less dramatic way to re-initiate the Wi-Fi system?)

- LeeteqXV

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