Thanks Monsieur Ouellet.

I thought that there was a smaller version of Qubes that may be easier
for me. I am totally new to all this. Been with WINDOWS, but want
something more resistant to hacking & invasion of my privacy.

I managed to install Qubes 3.2. Now my google voice mail that records
MP3 like voicemail.mp3 wont play. In windows all I have to do is click
on (Play)

My laptop meets vt-d, vt-x, tpm, txt. It is UEFI, Legacy, UEFI-CSM
capable. Windows and Ubuntu which I tried both run in UEFI. But Qubes
refuses to Boot under UEFI. Tried all suggestions from forums.

I bought another hard drive to install Qubes in Legacy mode. I have to
swap Windows/Ubuntu HD & change BIOS to legacy, put in Qubes HD to fire
up QUBES. I am writing this in Qubes. Painful, but I really want to
leave WINDOWS behind. I don't see the point of running WINDOWS as a


Jean-Philippe Ouellet:
> On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 4:20 AM, 'Gaea' via qubes-users
> <> wrote:
>>  Please what are the differences between:
>> Minimal:
> fedora-24-minimal + text editor, openssh, git, zsh, etc.
>> Extremely Minimal
> fedora-24-minimal + a text editor -- nothing else
>> Full ?? VMs
> All the crap. Browser, photo editor, media player, all the giant
> pieces of software that pull in half the world as dependencies.
> I have various others in between, such as one with only a browser (for
> online banking and such).

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