Andrew David Wong:
> On 2016-12-22 19:51, 'Gaea' via qubes-users wrote:
>> Thanks Monsieur Ouellet.
>> I thought that there was a smaller version of Qubes that may be easier
>> for me. I am totally new to all this. Been with WINDOWS, but want
>> something more resistant to hacking & invasion of my privacy.
>> I managed to install Qubes 3.2. Now my google voice mail that records
>> MP3 like voicemail.mp3 wont play. In windows all I have to do is click
>> on (Play)
> It sounds like you just need a media player. I recommend VLC, which you
> can download after enabling the RPMFusion repo. Instructions are here:

Thanks Andrew.

Your suggestion works. I had actually followed web searches to RMFusion
site and other places and tried their recommendations and came up short.
And there it was in Qubes-OS docs. I am puzzeled that I did not hit it
in my searches. OR maybe I skipped Qubes-os site.

Following your pointer I was able to install VLC where others failed.
Once I had VLC installed and figured out file type associations now I
can listen to voicemail with a simple click.


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