For the record; my shift from Fedora-23 to Fedora-24 went painlessly/successfully, thanks to the existing, good documentation.

Only thing I had to figure out logically (by experience, luckily, or I would have started wasting time unnecessarily) was that I should try to reboot when sys-* failed to start afterwards, which then worked, and all was fine.

*Suggested documentation addition:**

So I think the main docs page should have a top-level link both in the "Upgrade guides" section to "updating template association for sys-net/sys-firewall" and also from the existing Fedora 23-to-24 doc page, especially for some time now that Fedora-23 is EoL/End-of-Life. As this is not specific to any particular version number, it should be easy to find regardless of which upgrade one is performing, therefore I think it should have its own page and be linked from the Upgrades section.

In particular, it should be easy to spot the information about the need to reboot the computer immediately after changing the template association for sys-firewall and sys-net, as that is not entirely obvious for everyone.

The existing page does not mention sys-firewall/sys-net , neither does it link to any other page that deals with that:

And, if someone is coming to those pages AFTER having bravely tried to update the system without searching (sufficiently?) through all the docs (...), they just might be searching for this error message: "cannot execute qrexec-deamon", which also should offer a hit to this suggested new page among the top search results...

(I seached briefly myself, but did not find a page describing this template switch for sys-net/sys-firewall .)

In case there is such a page that I did not find, here is some info that it 'should' include:

*Doc text suggestion:*

Disable both sys-firewall and sys-net so that only dom0 is running, then change the template association to the new template in each one's VM settings. Restart the computer.

PS. If you do not restart the computer right afterwards, but instead try to start either one of them, you may get this error:

"Error starting VM 'sys-firewall'" / "Error starting VM 'sys-net'": "cannot execute qrexec-deamon"

(This may also be the error you get if running the commands 'qvm-start sys-firewall' / 'qvm-start sys-net' in this scenario)


Happy xmas everyone :-)


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