On 23/12/16 09:43, Andrew David Wong wrote:
(Copying my reply from the other thread.)
You can simply change sys-firewall's NetVM to "none," restart sys-net,
then switch it back again. Sample script:

echo "Restarting sys-net..."
qvm-prefs -s sys-firewall netvm none
sleep 3
qvm-shutdown sys-net
sleep 3
qvm-start sys-net
sleep 3
qvm-prefs -s sys-firewall netvm sys-net
sleep 1
echo "Done."

We don't need AI-level automation to solve this one. :)

Heh, so that was a bad example to throw into this suggestion, ok. :-)
Thanks for the script sample, will come in handy I think.

Regardless of this bad example, my suggestion stands:
I think there are good reasons / perspectives for why Qubes should consider taking this kind of initiative.

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