I added an SSD cache to my Qubes installation, following Eric Shelton's
instructions :


It worked smoothly and well, and I can immediately see that my system
became much faster and responsive.

On the other hand, it completely broke my Anti-Evil-Maid installation.
Once the SSD cache is configured per instructions, if I try to boot with
AEM, it exits immediately to an emergency shell in initramfs,
complaining that it has found the root FS to be unexpectedly unencrypted
- most probably because AEM is unable to figure out the LVM cache setup

Uninstalling an reinstalling AEM after the cache is setup, unfortunately
doesn't help.

So I had to trade AEM for an SSD cache (which, in my own use case, is
not dramatically critical, anyway AEM didn't work properly on my HP

But I wanted to document this to the list : SSD cache works plain good,
but breaks AEM.


Swâmi Petaramesh <sw...@petaramesh.org> PGP 9076E32E

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