the question is in the title. I want to migrate from a standard linux
distro (debian) to qubes. I have an internal with my old /home/ and I
have the same content on an external hdd. The experimental qubes install
went on an SDD. I guess that within qubes I should separate my old /home
content in the appropriate qubes, otherwise I loose a big part of the
aimed security. So just adding the (encrypted) /home to dom0 or
somewhere else does not seem an intelligent way to procede.

Should I rather

a) shrink the luks system, generate a new one next to it, migrate say
work into the new, delete work on old etc. to generate one luks volume
per cube? OR

b) Since the install is new, re-do it, let qubes reformat the internal
hdd as /home and then fetch my data from the backup?

Thank you!  Bernhard

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