On Thursday, January 5, 2017 at 5:44:30 PM UTC-5, stevenwi...@gmail.com wrote:
> Is it actually possible to game on Linux like on Windows 7 and up or is there 
> any special requirement neccessary for this?
> And would passing through a GPU via devices tab in VM settings actually be 
> enough?

yes it is possible to game on linux.  I game on steam on a barebones debian 
system. cs:go and dota2 are some supported games. Some games are playable with 
play onlinux scripts using wine.    But in Qubes-os vms do not have 3d graphics 
rendering,  so you can't really game in qubes.  It might be possible to 
pasthrough your gpu to a vm,  but this is not officially supported and not too 
many people have been sucessful.

On another note and imo,  playing online games defeats any security you have 
every time.  There is no such thing as security on your machine if gaming 
online.  Especially when your gpu gets infected.  Gaming online is where most 
cyber criminals get started.   They are the most hacked networks.  It is where 
Edward Snowden learned to hack people,  Sabu,  Kim Dotcom was notorious in q2. 
Online gaming communities,  where only hackers are left playing, are as 
dangerous as irc or the dark web.  They don't just want to ragequite you ddos 
the game offline and steal your credit cards,  they want to destroy your 
hardware.  Especially if you are not one of them (Russian)

Some argue if you have a separate gpu that is isolated from dom0 and only loads 
in a vm then maybe this would be safe.  But I still have my doubts.

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