On Tuesday, December 27, 2016 at 7:11:09 PM UTC-5, alefo...@gmail.com wrote:
> On Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 2:52:28 AM UTC+3, alefo...@gmail.com wrote:
> > Steps to reproduce:
> > 1) have WL-167G
> > 2) have a separate USB controller (aside from the one mouse and keyboard 
> > are set to)
> > 3) create a VM (we'll use a Debian 8 one, fedora has exactly same bug, at 
> > least 23rd one), make it a network VM (it'll be using a wifi usb dongle 
> > after all)
> > 4) forward the USB controller to the VM
> > 5) connect WL-167G to the usb port
> > 6) install drivers in the VM (sudo apt-get install firmware-realtek)
> > 7) restart VM
> > 8) enjoy internet for a brief time (connects okay)
> > 9) start a long download  such as Qubes fedora 24 ( sudo qubes-dom0-update 
> > qubes-template-fedora-24)
> > 10) about 10 minutes in, connection permanently dies, and stays dead until 
> > VM reboot. Dmesg does not have any new messages after connection death, and 
> > neither does sudo journalctl -u NetworkManager
> > 
> > Please help. I don't have any other wifi dongles and won't have for a 
> > while, plus now I'm really really worried they will fail like this too.
> Oh, and the adapter is the v3 version, supposedly well-supported by Qubes

I have an issue like this sometimes on an old lappy wifi.  Not sure what causes 
it,  but maybe a problem with the kernel.  see if you reloading the module 
helps instead of rebooting. thats what I have to do.  but I can go weeks 
without it happening before it happens.  Making think something happens in the 
air.   but might have to make a bug report to fedora or debian.

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