sorry to annoy you with stupid beginner questions. I just got to install
Qubes. I feel quite helpless, which after 15 years of running "standard
linux" is an unusual thing :)

First, I am stuck with an easy sounding problem : network. The help in
"documentation"  is still a stub (I could write some parts once I
understand them:) Anyhow: so how do I activate the wireless card, select
a network, and all of that? I looked in a dom:sys-net terminal for
ifconfig, but is does not look like I am used to. I tried wpa_cli but it
hangs trying to connect to wpa_supplicant, Networkmanager is only for
root ...

A second (even more stupid) question is how configure a cube: I did some
test in dom:work and now it does no longer start - and without seeing it
in the dom-manager, I cannot undo the bad setting. 

Thanks, Bernhard

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