On Wed, Jan 04, 2017 at 04:04:56PM +0100, haa...@web.de wrote:
> Hello,
> sorry to annoy you with stupid beginner questions. I just got to install
> Qubes. I feel quite helpless, which after 15 years of running "standard
> linux" is an unusual thing :)
> First, I am stuck with an easy sounding problem : network. The help in
> "documentation"  is still a stub (I could write some parts once I
> understand them:) Anyhow: so how do I activate the wireless card, select
> a network, and all of that? I looked in a dom:sys-net terminal for
> ifconfig, but is does not look like I am used to. I tried wpa_cli but it
> hangs trying to connect to wpa_supplicant, Networkmanager is only for
> root ...
> A second (even more stupid) question is how configure a cube: I did some
> test in dom:work and now it does no longer start - and without seeing it
> in the dom-manager, I cannot undo the bad setting. 
> Thanks, Bernhard

Hi Berhard -

make sure that you have assigned your network card to sys-net before
starting that qube. You should then be able to see the interface using
ifconfig, and configure it with normal tools.
You should also see the Network manager applet in the panel. If not,
check that you have nm-applet running in sys-net.
Remember that in Qubes the user/root distinction is pointless within a
qube on a standard install. 
If you have problems with the wireless card specifically, it may be
that you need specific drivers or additional firmware. You may see
something in the logs or try searching the lists for your specific card.

On the second point, you can toggle the ability to see non-running
qubes in the Manager. (I assume that this is what you mean here.)
You can also control qubes using qvm-prefs from dom0, and qvm-service,
among other command line utilities.

If you want to make further modifications to individual qubes, you can
do this using the mechanism in /rw. You can use rc.local to control many
aspects of the qube startup and the bind-dirs utility to make parts of
the root filesystem persistent and independent of the template.
Most of this is covered in the docs.

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