Hi everyone! 

First off happy new year! :)

To get into the subject, I'm trying to get as many Qubes users around me as 
possible to convert my family and friends from Windowsism to Qubism. However in 
some cases I see that the Intel®™ (backdoor℠ inside®) hardware that they have 
does not support VT-x and VT-d.

So I would like to better understand the implications of this. From the User 


I understand that this means that: 

o Not being able to use fully virtualized VMs (e.g., Windows-based qubes)

o No security benefit in having a separate NetVM

But the points I wont to understand are:

~ Does this mean that one wont be able to install Windows in a VM in such 
system (that's it?)? What does fully virtualized VM really mean?

~ How is this relevant practically speaking? In other words, could an attacker 
deploy malware to NetVM (from an AppVM that is connected to the NetVM)? If not, 
in which situations can attacker get to the NetVM and therefore to dom0?

Thanks for all the help!

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