Hardened kernel with Grsecurity is coming along nicely - and there is yet more 
to come, as this medium-post shows 

Here's the background, I just sent this mail to coldhak.ca:
Referring to https://coldhak.ca/coldkernel/

Please add that error-messages from "sudo update-grub2" can safely be ignored.
As also stated in https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/managing-vm-kernel/ , 
"Installing PV GRUB2".

Also please add that one needs to change the kernel in appvms to pvgrub2

And related, that one should also install paxtest and run it to confirm that 
grsecurity is running
As mentioned at https://micahflee.com/2016/01/debian-grsecurity/

And that there is the option to add further to securing the appvm, by using 
gradm2 in learning mode as explained at 

And so I'd like to hear if you have any suggestions for RBAC given the 
opportunities for compartmentalization that Qubes OS provides.

C-c & C-v

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