On Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 12:16:17 PM UTC-8, Oleg Artemiev wrote:
> what about using linux containers as vagrant provider or attempt to
> use Xen same way? See thread 'Slow performance of Docker containers in
> AppVMs' .

lxc or xen would work for developers only on linux. one of the benefits of 
vagrant is that you can share work with developers on other platforms. with 
lxc, theres also os limitations. at work we have linux and windows in our 
vagrant runs. xen could get around this, though the xen back end is pretty 

i think the best solution would be a qrexec vagrant back end, syntactically 
compatible with the more common backends (virtualbox,vmware etc),something i 
plan on looking into when get qubes running again. too many of the alt back 
ends (lxc, xen) have syntax thats not easily worked around, so they're really 
only good for that backend. an obvious drawback is the lack of nesting, but few 
need that. of course this would also need packer and/or vagrant mutate support. 
maybe qubes-lite is the better solution.

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