Hi all,

I've attached a hardware report for an Asus G750JW. I can say that Qubes 
appears to run just fine overall, but with a few limitations. The most 
important is the wifi -- the Broadcom unit installed isn't supported, so no 
wifi out of the box. Somewhat annoying, but workable, is the monitor - the 
display brightness doesn't work, so it's stuck at 100%. This is a known issue 
with the kernel, and may be fixed in future releases. Could be worse, but still 
annoying. Also, the keyboard functions don't work out of the box. Things like 
the keyboard backlight brightness, wireless on/off, enable/disable touchpad, 
all don't work. However, the volume buttons do work, along with the monitor-off 
button. I didn't really try any of the other functions or the webcam/mic.


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