Hi qubes-users!

I'm trying to extract audio from a cd on my qubes (3.2) notebook. After reading 
thru the various pages of the docs section and searching the mailing-list, I 
thought the following setup would be my best option:

* usb-dvd-drive attached to a USB 2 port
* use a sys-usb vm
* attach the drive-device via qvm-usb to a target appvm (fedora-24 based)
* start "sound-juicer" in appvm to extract audio

Unfortunately, I now have to following problem: When I insert a cd into the 
drive, qubes immediately takes control of it, so that sound-juicer can no 
longer access the drive.

I can see, that a /dev/sr0 device pops up in the appvm, which the sound-juicer 
app then tries to access. But qubes attempts to expose the drive as a block 
device makes it unaccessible to sound-juicer.

Is there a way to prevent this? E. g. prevent qubes from exposing a certain 
device in a certain appvm?

Best regards,

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