Hello! I am using Qubes 3.2 and I am attempting to automate the configuration 
of my VMs using the Salt / qubesctl management stack.

I am very new to salt, but I have been experimenting and I think I understand 
how it works. I have written some state files to configure dom0 and I haven't 
had any problems with those.

The problem I am running into is that whenever I try to do anything at all with 
a VM, it seems that the qubesctl process just hangs. I've let it run overnight 
just to see, and it definitely isn't doing anything. I also don't know how to 
make it more verbose so I can debug the issue.

Here are the contents of my top file, /srv/salt/custom/setup.top:

    - custom.template.fedora-24

    - custom.up-to-date


The goal I am trying to accomplish is to install the fedora-24 template, then 
update the packages on it. Here is my custom.template.fedora-24.sls:

Qvm.prefs("fedora-24", label="black", netvm="sys-firewall")


And here is my custom.up-to-date.sls:


system = grains("id")
#Pkg.uptodate(system, refresh=True)


Notice how I commented out the uptodate function and replaced it with a nop, 
with the intention of just getting it to return true.
When I run the following command, dom0 successfully installs and configures the 
fedora-24 template, and the fedora-24 template is started, but after that, it 

qubesctl --all state.highstate

CTRL-C doesn't give me back a prompt, instead I get errors regarding pool 
workers. I end up using CTRL-Z and issuing a "killall -9 qubesctl" to make it 

I don't know how to get more information on the VM to discover what is going 
wrong. I have (manually) fully updated dom0 and restarted the physical 
computer. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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