Running 3.2 with XFCE.

My notebook has a small SSD with Qubes boot and root/swap on it, and a larger 
(and slower) SHDD mounted as /var/lib/qubes-add and configured as an additional 
Xen pool.

I am running out of space (and at the same time, losing speed drastically) on 
the SSD, and half of the space is used by fedora-23, debian-8, debian-9 and 
whonix-* templates.

I decided to move the debian-8 and whonix-* templates to the additional pool, 
but cannot make the move be recognized by Qubes (all command line utilities 
obviously cannot find the templates).

Question 1: Is this use-case --having templates on a secondary storage pool-- 
Question 2: Which is the proper way to move the least used templates? I guess 
qvm-prefs need to reflect the move somehow, but have not been able to deduce 

Willing to write up docs after done :-)


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