On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 7:31 AM, Alex <alex....@gmx.com> wrote:
> First, you may already have thought about it, but the simple
> transposition of a work pc to a VM environment (be it qubes or not) does
> not give you any additional security benefit. It only increases the
> compatibility problems!

On the other hand, it allows one to start using qubes without suddenly
breaking your entire workflow, and allows one to gradually adopt the
Qubes model while still being able to get your work done. The
realistic alternative is likely not trying Qubes and continuing to use
your old system indefinitely because the perceived migration burden is
too great.

> If you want to
> benefit from fake persistence of system files, you will need to try to
> move as much software as possible in either the template (installing
> with dnf) or in /usr/local/bin (if manually-compiled or direct binary
> package).

/usr/local/bin is not "fake-persisted", it is persisted. All of
/usr/local is a symlink to /rw/usrlocal, which is persisted.

> For your actual question, there's no tool to assist in "converting" a
> live system to a Qubes VM: since there would be so little benefit
> there's no actual reason to make such a tool.

I disagree. I think a migration tool could be quite helpful, and I am
often asked if one exists while promoting Qubes to friends.
Unfortunately there are (and will likely always be) higher priority
things to implement.

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