I tried the built-in backup procedure in qubes3.2 -- it fails (from
qubes VM manager). The procedure I follow: I select only shutdown qubes,
I select sys-usb as appvm (in which the ext. harddisc is mouted on
/media/user/hexstring/ and in which I manually created a qubes-backup
folder that I select. I enter the pwd, get the summary, say next again,
and then:

Error: failed to write the backup:

Cannot create /media/user/hexstring/qubes-backup/2017-02... : permission

And that's it. Do you have some hint what my error may be? I read about
te size issue of the qubes. I have more than 100G in total. I it that
maybe? Can I only backup the old way (create a sparse file, loopback it,
cryptsetup it, put ext2 on it, mount it, copy all private.img files) ?

Thank you! Bernhard

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