I've setup a new firewall-VM & net-vm to use the fedora-24-minimal-template,

Firewall uses base template with no aditional packages.

the net-vm is a cloned fedora-24-minimal-template with the following packages 
installed (NetworkManager network-manager-applet dbus-x11 dejavu-sans-fonts 
tinyproxy notification-daemon gnome-keyring). I didnt add wireless stuff cos i 
dont need it.

when using fedora24-net-vm via the fedora24-firewall-vm, i have internet access 
in app vms, but updates to templates time out.

BUT when i route through the Qubes default sys-net and sys-firewall, updates 
work fine.

Under global settings i have changed the update Vm to the new 
fedora24-minimal-firewall-VM (base template with no additional packages). Or 
should it be set directly to the net-vm? 

Im guessing im missing a package or a setting?

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