I wonder if anyone using debian 9 upgrade recently facing the same
problem. Luckily, I have the template backup before doing this major
upgrade on stretch.

Upgrading the template by 'apt upgrade -t stretch-testing' to enable
latest qubes candidates to grab latest 'qubes-core-agent' doesn't solve
this issue yet.

ii  libpulse-mainloop-glib0:amd64         
10.0-1                               amd64        PulseAudio client
libraries (glib support)
ii  libpulse0:amd64                       
10.0-1                               amd64        PulseAudio client
ii  libpulsedsp:amd64                     
10.0-1                               amd64        PulseAudio OSS
pre-load library
ii  pulseaudio                            
10.0-1                               amd64        PulseAudio sound server
ii  pulseaudio-utils                      
10.0-1                               amd64        Command line tools for
the PulseAudio sound server

PulseAudio daemon failed to start after this major upgrade.

E: [pulseaudio] main.c: Daemon startup failed.

So, right now I will hold the old 'pulseaudio 9.0' package until Marek
push the right tools on stretch-testing repo.

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