On Sun, Feb 12, 2017 at 09:56:43AM -0800, elsiebuck...@gmail.com wrote:
> I'm still stuck here... anyone?

You really haven't given enough information for anyone to help you.
I'm going to assume that you are using a default install of Qubes: your
sys-usb is based on Fedora-23, and the qube you want to use the drive
in is also based on the same template. Please correct me if this isn't

There's no such thing as a "windows USB drive". I assume you mean a drive
that you used on Windows. You  may or may not have formatted the drive:
I don't know because you haven't told us.

Drives for use on Windows can be formatted using various filesystems:
FAT32, NTFS , EXFAT among them.
I don't know what you have. Perhaps you don't know.
We can find out.

You say you know to attach the drive to a qube. Open a terminal in the
target qube,and attach the USB drive.
Then type 'dmesg' (without the quotes)
You should see lots of stuff in the terminal, ending with some lines
that say something like "blkfront: xvdi .....". If you don't see this
then the drive hasn't been attached to the qube.
The "xvdi" bit shows the device name that's been allocated to the USB.

Now type in "sudo cfdisk /dev/xvdi"(Or whatever device name you have)
This will show you the partitions on the USB stick and how they are
formatted. Take note.
Quit from cfdisk.

Open nautilus in the target qube, and look under "Other Locations" You
should see the drives from the USB stick there.
FAT32 partitions should just load in nautilus out of the box.
So should NTFS partitions.
If you have EXFAT format, then as Jean-Philippe has said, you will need
to install extra packages in the template. If you need help with this,
please ask.

If you don't see ANY device or Id Type in cfdisk, then it's possible your
drive is encrypted and you didn't realise(because it "just worked" under
Windows. That's a separate issue but also solvable.

So try this and report back what you find.

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