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On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 03:49:00PM +0000, qubenix wrote:
> Since the upgrade to version 3.2.8-1.fc23 of qubes manager I've been
> having some issues.
> 1. Changes made to existing VMs or newly created VMs do not show in the
> manager until I restart Qubes. Restarting only the manager does not help.

To really restart manager you need to right click on its icon and choose
"Exit" option, then start it again from menu. Just closing its window
doesn't really restart anything.

> 2. I have very often yellow state indicators while the VM is running.
> `qvm-ls` shows state as "Running" and everything works normal in the VM
> during yellow indicator. Restarting the VM usually fixes this issue.
> I've noticed that this happens more often when I have many VMs starting
> together, but not dependant on each other (to rule out race condition of
> two VMs trying to start same proxy vm for example).
> It seems others were having these issues before the upgrade, and since I
> haven't noticed any complaints. My experience was the opposite. I had no
> issues previous to this upgrade.
> Please let me know any other info/logs that may be helpful.

I guess it's about this issue:

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