Well, I have considered it, yes, and it's true that launching many
terminals can be resource intensive. But it's also faster:  Using & I can
launch all the terminals at the same time, while cycling as in the script
you linked I should wait for the previous update process to finish.

Moreover, I confess that staring at the terminals for 5 mins every couple
of days relaxes me, so I like it better :)

Anyway I feel like I'm missing something, what I want to do doesn't look so
difficult and I'm not sure why it doesn't work!


On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 2:50 AM, Andrew David Wong <a...@qubes-os.org> wrote:

> Hash: SHA512
> On 2017-02-16 18:20, Fabrizio Romano Genovese wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I'm trying to write a little script to globally update my qubes
> > templates. It should work more or less like this:
> >
> > - It prepares a window layout for i3, so that all the opening
> > terminals from the various templates will occupy the right place
> > in a dedicated desktop; - Then it launches the terminal in every
> > template vm, feeding it a nice 'sudo dnf update' - When the update
> > is finished, one should have the chance to close the vm by
> > pressing enter like it happens now on qubes manager.
> >
> > I already implemented the first point (window layout) but I'm
> > having problems at launching the terminals in the right way. I'm
> > basically passing to the vm commands like 'xterm -e "sudo dnf
> > update"', but what happens is that the terminal opens up, checks
> > for updates and then closes without giving me the chance to say
> > y/n.
> >
> > As I mentioned above, in qubes manager when one clicks on "update
> > vm" a nice terminal window opens up, does everything it has to do
> > and then asks you if you want to shutdown the vm or not by
> > pressing enter or control+c, respectively, if I remember well.
> > Since I would really like to have a similar feature in my script, I
> > am wondering if qubes-manager calls some script to behave like it
> > does.
> >
> > If this is the case, I could just call the same script once for
> > every template and solve my problems without struggle.
> >
> > Thanks for your Time, Fab
> >
> Have you considered not starting terminals in the TemplateVMs? By
> using --pass-io and not starting the GUI of each TemplateVM, you can
> save resources and hassle. Here's an example:
> https://gist.github.com/andrewdavidwong/d0b109186de65835255d467ae103c289
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> OmaMAnd1i7oT+ngnDdSJ
> =X6k5

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