Purism is selling snake oil and taking money away from the honest companies that admit they're selling a re-badged quanta laptop that will never ever have libre firmware.

Here is a reddit post with more info about the situation (yeah its from leah but whatever its true)

"In addition, the Qubes team will receive a small portion of the revenue from any Librem 13 sale that comes with Qubes pre-installed."
The man that is always behind the curtain.
Does one have to pay to be included on this list? how much? how come real libre computer sellers like gluglug and raptor engineering aren't listed on here?

If you want to be honest there are only two boards in the world period that check all the qubes 4.0 boxes, the KCMA-D8 and the KGPE-D16 both of which are legitimately libre blob free and also have a user configurable TPM CRTM which is very important if you don't want your TPM to be predictable.

Instead of putting in actual effort to make a real libre laptop with a few ARM cpus, maybe an AMD FM2 (FM2+ has PSP) or something like that they instead are satisfied "making" crappy quanta rebrands, taking credit for other peoples work and acting like buying unfused cpus is a revolutionary act.

The simple fact of the matter is that if google can't convince intel to hand over the ME code, the FSP code, the VGA BIOS and the signing keys for all of those then a small company with a 160K crowdfunding campaign won't ever be able to do that, and even if google somehow did the impossible it would apply to every intel device and not just theirs thus making a purism purchase absolutely pointless.

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