On Sat, Mar 18, 2017 at 03:41:49AM -0700, Grzesiek Chodzicki wrote:
> I've experienced this issue myself and I saw some people complaining about it 
> on the mailing list. Sometimes Qubes takes forever to poweroff.
> The issue is caused by the fact that for some unknown reason machines with 
> PCI devices attached take forever to shutdown and sometimes need to be 
> manually killed from within VM Manager. After manually killing them, the 
> system will shutdown normally.
> So, here's the fix:
> In Dom0 run qvm-prefs -s sys-net pci_e820_host false
> Repeat that for sys-usb and any other machine that holds a PCI device.
> Your system should shut down normally after this.
> No, I don't know how or why this works but I know that it solved the issue on 
> my machine. Explanation welcome. I'll add this to documentation once we have 
> a confirmation that this is 100% reproducible.

I'd be reluctant to propose this as a tip as is, because it will almost
certainly break networking for some users.
We specifically set pci_e820 to address user problems. I don't know what
the intersection is between those for whom this is a fix and those for
whom shutdown is slow/doesn't happen.

Have you tried the solution suggested here before of shutting down other
vms first, then sys-usb and sys-net? Andrew, I think, posted a simple
script that he uses. I suspect that that will have more impact with
fewer consequences than this proposal, but user experience will be key
here: comments ?

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